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Senior UX Architect and Business Analyst for the City of Seattle IT Department
• Overseeing the end-to-end user experience of the city's new utilities website
• Responsible for usability testing a government website for ADA compliance
• In-house Content Strategist and Localization expert


System Architecture:

Tasked with trying to find a way to visualize a complex system in an easy to digest manner, I used an outside-in approach for presentation. By showing how the service is actually seen by the customer, rather than the provider, I was able to create a unique and fun user diagram.


Content Strategy:

I worked with two large government agencies to plan, vet and approve content for the stared utilities website. This included making sure the site supported localization for the 14 languages supported by the City of Seattle.



Responsible for the following usability testing protocols:

  • Moderated - Website

  • Unmoderated - Mobile

  • ADA Compliance

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