Conduct user interviews to determine how to reach multiple persona types through each stage of their journey on the Global Citizen website and other supported channels.


Led workshops to transfer user research insights to Global Citizen employees.

Interview Questions (pdf)

Interview Findings Report (pdf)

Customer Experience Journeys (pdf)



Hired as a consultant to develop three different site personas and map how to support their experience through each phase of their journey, I first created a Test Plan for interviewing 21 site users. Part of this endeavor included getting benchmark demographics and drafting an overarching user journey.


After interviewing site users I created three different site personas and then mapped how to support their experience through each phase of their journey.


After determining what type of content to serve up, when to serve it, and via which channels, it was time to disseminate the learnings through a Findings Report.

After the Findings Report was published, we were asked by Global Citizen to come out to New York and conduct a workshop to discuss their Content Marketing Strategy. 

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