Continue Zonar’s legacy of innovation and verification in the next generation of EVIR, which is fully compliant in US and Canada, compatible with the future of Zonar devices, and competitive in today’s market of interconnected and predictive electronic DVIR solutions.

Being Zonar's first customer facing, hardware independent (BYOD) application.

Prototype (inVision)



To prepare for this project, we conducted User Interviews, Contextual Inquiry, and did Market Research. Artifacts include Competitive Analysis, Empathy Maps and Personas.


One of the areas that needed extra exploration was the ability to scan tags using NFC Scanning. This was a difficult ask as the scanner itself runs in the background and has no obvious UI for the user to visualize. In order to realize this feature we had the users "turn on" the scanner and then had them interact with an interface that presented visual cues for successful scanning.


Evaluating the final design with drivers was a key component to the success of this project as this particular demographic is not known for being very technologically savvy.


Quantitatively, in our first round of usability testing, 100 percent of users were able to complete their tasks successfully. Qualitatively, we found users gravitated to the large buttons and visually simple UI.

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